Same Bubbles – Out Now!

by +Primary Maths UK

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Our new game Same Bubbles has been submitted to Apple for review. If all goes well it will be available this week.

Update: available now!!

Same Bubbles – a matching puzzle game.

The objective is simple, pop all the bubbles with your finger. Simply touch any group of bubbles to pop them. A group is two or more adjacent bubbles of the same colour. However you need to think fast as the game is timed, and you need to meet score and completion objectives to proceed to more levels.

With many levels, and different board styles and sizes, plus varying slide patterns, regeneration, and colour sets, there are plenty of variations to keep taxing you.

One in app purchase unlocks additional content; 40 more levels, bigger score multipliers, bombs (for blasting away tricky areas with no groups) there is plenty to keep you going for hours….
…. or minutes in the bus queue.

Use the game centre features to ‘beat your friends’, or focus on a new challenge.

Screen Shots:
Screenshot - Game Start Screenshot - In Game Screenshot - Instructions Screenshot - Level Select Screenshot - Main



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